Magic Marble Foundation works to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged human and non-human animal populations by providing planet-friendly support including food, housing, medical treatment, education, and the financial assistance required to procure these basic needs.

Magic Marbel Foundation
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Our Mission

To Mobilize Empathy for all species and the world we share

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Our Values

At Magic Marble Foundation, our values are anchored in equality, holistic care, and a commitment to providing help without causing harm. Rooted in the belief that every action has a profound impact, we embrace veganism as a cornerstone of our dedication to compassionate practices and environmental stewardship. We envision a world where all sentient beings, both humans and non-humans, can thrive without experiencing harm. Join us in shaping a future where support is synonymous with sustainability, empathy, and the well-being of all.

Help end the suffering of homeless animals

Please support our spay, neuter and vaccination efforts

Advanced Veterinary Skills Training

Help Homeless Animals Receive Better Care

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Every spay and neuter prevents generations of suffering

Support The Farm Sanctuary

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Our Team

Jennifer George

Jennifer George

President & Founder


Jennifer George leads initiatives at Magic Marble Foundation to promote human and non-human welfare through education, animal rescue, equal rights advocacy, and environmental activism. With a background deeply rooted in activism and animal rescue, Jennifer has spearheaded projects spanning 7 countries and 4 continents. These initiatives include vegan feeding programs for Covid relief, educational access for underserved communities, public campaigns for animal rights, and free veterinary care to alleviate the suffering of homeless animals. She aims to foster a more compassionate and inclusive world for both humans and non-humans alike.

Maryanne George

Maryanne George



Maryanne George, a retired mental health nurse with a lifelong dedication to animal welfare, traces her advocacy back to her childhood on a farm in Kerala, India. Her passion for championing animal rights has led her to engage in various initiatives, from advocating for elephant liberation to spearheading wildlife rescue efforts and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs. She has played a pivotal role in disaster relief efforts, offering her service to alleviate the suffering of both humans and animals alike. Maryanne directs the TNR program in Michigan and manages a sanctuary providing care for small wildlife and companion animals.

Manjool Shah

Manjool Shah

Vice President


Manjool Shah is a board certified ophthalmologist practicing in New York City. His career has been focused on educating the next generation of ophthalmologists as well as helping provide care and advancing glaucoma surgical innovation in the United States and in underserved countries around the world.

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